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The University Clinic of Dentistry as a Teaching Hospital

Our task is the practical training of dentistry students and the further education of dentists. The quality of the training conforms to the newest European standards.

The dentistry programme at the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna

Tomorrow’s dentists are trained at the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna at the highest international level. In an integrated curriculum, students are led towards working on patients by using phantom heads in the preclinical phase. In the preclinical phase, anamnestic, diagnostic and practical skills are imparted. Students work with the latest technology and methods and get to know their profession while in direct contact with patients by using the “chair-side teaching” method.

The most modern equipment and technology is used in training at the University Clinic of Dentistry. In addition to dentistry skills, students learn how important teamwork is in their field. Open communication and error management are therefore important cornerstones of their education. The quality of the work undertaken by the students is ensured by the four-eye principle.

Teaching or normal operation: Free choice for new patients

In the last two years of their programme, students of the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna work almost exclusively on patients in the outpatient clinic. As far as their treatment is concerned, patients have a choice: either to be treated by students – under the supervision of specialists – or by fully trained dentists. 

The start is the same for all new patients at the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna. At the central admission of the general outpatient clinic dentists will establish the initial statement, then patients will be guided to the corresponding divisions of the clinic, if necessary.

The quality of the teaching operation is assured and checked in multiple ways. Whether a teaching operation or a normal operation: diagnostics and treatment occur at a consistently high level – the difference lies in the lower cost treatment by students though it may also take longer than normal.

High-quality Further Education for Dentists

Dentists who want to specialise and obtain additional qualifications will find practical training courses for various fields of dentistry at the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna. These courses, designed by the professors at the University Clinic of Dentistry, contain insights gained from current research as well as from clinical experience.

Postgraduate Training

With a wide variety of postgraduate training courses we offer dentists the opportunity to gain significant additional qualifications.

Our Library

The School of Dentistry Vienna has its own library, open daily on work days. All new acquisitions of books, journals and database access are announced online.

Curriculum Directorate

The Curriculum Directorate is responsible for the quality of the dentistry programme as well as for the approval of theses and the recognition of foreign degrees.