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Unit - Dentistry Training

In the Clinical Division Unit – Dentistry Training we provide excellent care to patients and solid practical training to students. Under the guidance of experienced dentists, prospective dentists learn modern techniques that are state of the art in dentistry.

Univ. Prof. DDr. Andreas Moritz, Head of Clinical Division Unit
Univ. Prof. DDr. Andreas Moritz
Head of Clinical Division Unit

The new training concept for dentists at the University Dental Clinic Vienna has been implemented in the Unit - Dental Education since 2010. According to this modern training concept, students learn dental practice in small groups (home units) under the supervision of senior physicians and doctors of the Department of Unit - Dental Education and, if necessary, the involvement of various departments - from tooth preservation and periodontology, pediatric dentistry, prosthetics and oral surgery to orthodontics. Modern equipment with the most advanced devices is used. Every year, the University Dental Clinic trains about 80 students to become qualified dentists. After their first visit to our General Outpatient Clinic, patients can decide on dental therapy in the unit.

Head of the Clinical Division Unit

Univ.-Prof. DDr. Andreas Moritz

Head of the Clinical Division Unit

DDr. Martin Krainhöfner

DDr. Martin Krainhöfner

Deputy Head of the Clinical Division Unit

Making an Appointment

Head of Clinical Division: Univ. Prof. DDr. Andreas Moritz
Deputy Head of Clinical Division: DDr. Martin Krainhöfner

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