History of the BGZMK

17 February 1821

Emperor Franz I. granted Dr. chir. Georg Carabelli (1787 – 1842) permission to hold extraordinary lectures on dentistry at the University of Vienna, (first in the world, but only theoretical education). Practical instruction was only possible with Prof. Carabelli privately in surgery.

His student Moriz Heider (1816 -1866) founded the Association of Austrian Dentists (present-day Austrian Society for Dentistry, Oral Hygiene and Orthodontics (ÖGZMK)) in 1861. This association drives the founding of a place of education for dentists. Serious objections have to be overcome.

22 April 1890

Opening of the "Imperial and Royal Dental Outpatient Clinic of the University of Vienna" at Garnisongasse 8/ Beethovengasse 3

Head: Dr. Julius Scheff jun. (1846 – 1922) (important supporters are Professors Billroth, Albert and Dittel)

About 20 trainees in the first few years (training took 2 semesters)


Relocation and expansion of the Outpatient Clinic at Türkenstraße 9


Renamed the Imperial and Royal Dental University Institute


New rigorous structure of the Medical Faculty. Each medical practitioner must complete and pass a lecture and practical element in dentistry


Relocation and expansion at Florianigasse 46


Rudolf Weiser (1859 -1928) becomes new Chairman of the institute

1920, 1925 and 1930

Ministerial decisions govern the education of dentists

= creation of a special course in dentistry. Confirmation of the Austrian line since Heider: Only full medical practitioners can become dentists.


Relocation of the institute to the former garrison hospital at Währinger Straße Nr. 25a; this building is the home of the clinic to this day (current location). Bernhard Gottlieb begins his histological research there, initially as an unpaid employee

First work area: on the problems of the enamel cuticle


Hans Pichler (1877 -1949), previously head of the jaw ward of the I. Surgical University Clinic, also takes over management of the Dental Institute. (After him, the paths of the two institutes separated)

1 March 1930

Enactment of the Dentists’ Registration Ordinance


Many Jewish professors and lecturers have to leave Austria, including many medical practitioners of the dental clinic: Gottlieb, Orban, Oppenheim


Driak (1899 – 1959) takes over the running of the dental clinic


Hans Langer (1907 – 1974) is appointed new chairman of the dental clinic


Koloman Keresztesi (1916 – 2000) under his leadership, the Dental University Institute is remained the University Clinic for Dentistry, Oral Hygiene and Orthodontics in 1977

Other chairmen of the University for Dentistry, Oral Hygiene and Orthodontics since the retirement of Prof. Keresztesi

1987  Georg Watzek (1944)

1990  Wolfgang Sperr (1939)

1993  Rudolf Slavicek (1928)

1998  Georg Watzek (1944)

Founding of the Medical University of Vienna and Bernhard Gottlieb University Clinic of Dentistry

The Medical University of Vienna is founded and is now the legal entity of the University Clinic of Dentistry. In recognition of the outstanding scientific services of Galicia-born Austrian Bernhard Gottlieb (1885 – 1950), the University Clinic of Dentistry calls itself the "Bernhard Gottlieb University Clinic of Dentistry" from this date.

The birth of the Limited Company

Since 1.7.2004, the Bernhard Gottlieb University Clinic of Dentistry has been a limited company (GesmbH) – and a fully consolidated subsidiary of the Medical University of Vienna. As a support organisation, the Medical University provides the necessary flexible organisational structures for the non-university operation of a healthcare facility in a university environment.

(Historical documentation of the Bernhard Gottlieb University Clinic of Dentistry, designed by DDr. Johannes Kirchner, Director of the  Museum of Dentistry)